On today’s agenda… outlining!

Today I’m working on the outline for a holiday special that will be shot next year. It’s always intimidating starting an outline, there’s so much to find, to polish, to exploit and to honour from the approved premise and in this case the already developed and established characters. Now you see why it can be a little overwhelming. But I never let that slow me down. Writing, like jumping in a cold lake in the spring, is something you just have to dive into. The first bit will be rough and maybe bumpy, but then you’ll always fall into that groove… especially when the story is working. This is also a great way of knowing if the story is working organically or if you’re having to force it in some way. If it almost writes itself, you’ve got gold. If you have to hammer away at it like an aspiring prison escape-e at a concrete block wall, then you’ve got story work to do. Good news is, this puppy is holding up and jokes are flowing. And with that, I’m on to act two.