Private Consults

More than your typical consult.

Instead of just telling you what works and what doesn’t, I jump in as your temporary producer, walking you through what I think needs work, why I think that and offer a plan for revision. I’ll pitch you fixes, jokes, story ideas and even story twists. My goal is to help you get your material where you want it to be. Whether a pitch, a script or an idea, we’ll crack it, together.

Here’s what clients are saying:

  • “Not only did Ethan read my material, and take time to discuss and hash out ideas, he sent me detailed
    feedback AND coverage of my script. He gave me pointers and pitched other ideas that I could
    consider to make things pop. I cannot tell you how invaluable this is. You can tell that he’s
    passionate about being a writer and eager to help folks in this town (more please). For someone
    to give so much time and energy and be open to sharing all of the things he’s learned over the
    years is not only inspiring, but also a rare commodity.”

  • “I got a ton of constructive feedback on how to improve my characters, give them memorable
    intro’s to hook the audience and trim the fat in the script that wasn’t necessary. We went over
    his highly detailed notes, talked out some of the problems and bounced ideas back and forth on
    how to solve them. He 100% cared and I genuinely felt he was interested in my characters and
    how to improve them… His notes of detailed feedback/coverage on how to improve my script
    going forward, were in more detail than I’ve gotten from anyone else.”

  • “Ethan has in impeccable work ethic and a kind, collaborative manner. His notes were delivered
    with enthusiasm and emotional investment. He seems more like a partner than anything else,
    coming to every point with good intentions, artfully maneuvering around your walls of mental
    resistance — a must when attempting to give notes without upsetting ego, a rare and welcome
    skill. After all it’s never easy to hear critique of one’s darlings. But, if he pitched to kill my
    darlings, my darlings would die humanely, rationally, and with love. If he pitched to perform
    major/minor surgery on my darlings, instruction for next steps/healing were given with great
    optimism. He is patient, taking the time to ensure his points are well qualified and well
    understood. I’ve taken a number of writing classes through the years — from UCB, to UCLA
    Extension, and various online courses — none give you this degree of feedback.”

  • “…Our discussion went beyond scripts to talk about how to be an effective staff writer and
    transitioning from there to becoming an indispensable producer. These were actionable steps
    and everything was pulled from Ethan’s real-world experience, of which he has in industry
    parlance, a shit-ton. Definitely not stuff taught in school. He was always engaged; had great,
    relatable stories; and answered any dumb question I had. For I couldn’t be happier I got to speak
    with him.”


Expert advice at an affordable rate.

You’ll get deep knowledge and insight for far below the market rate. Why? Because I want to share what I’ve learned and don’t think people should have to spend thousands of dollars to learn what they should have been taught in college. For just $450 USD here’s what you get:

  1. An initial 30 minute call where we discuss your material and any concerns you have with it.
  2. A read of your material where I’ll write up thoughts and pitches on what I think can help you get your material to where you want it and where it needs to be for producers and executives.
  3. An in person (or online if you aren’t in Los Angeles) 2 hour meet up for me to walk you through my thoughts and share pitches on your material. We’ll also use this time to work together to pitch on fixes for your project and discuss any other questions or issues that come up during our conversation. You’ll walk away with a great understanding of how to move forward.
  4. Finally, I’ll email you the notes and pitches we’ve discussed with the addition of anything we came up with together at the meet up so you have a record to work from.

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Thank you.